Wednesday, May 10

Younger than that now

I went to see Stephen Stills (of Crosby, Stills, and Nash) at the Somerville Theatre last night. First, I love the Somerville Theatre. It's so weird, and small, and beat. Fabulous. But my seats last night were in the balcony, all the way at the top. No problem. It's a small place. And it turns out, it was made for small people. Very small people. Because I am not a tall woman, and when I sat down, my knees were practically under my chin. It was kind of amusing, in a sick way, to watch the men try to accordion themselves into the seats.

The show itself was actually quite good, even though I wasn't that familiar with Stills. When he played Southern Cross, though, I was happy. And when I looked around at the crowd there, I realized, hey, I'm not that old. Except that when the show was over by 9:30, I was tired and ready to go home. "Old, JenGarrett," I thought. "You are old." Which, I think, is a theme this week. Or this year. Whichever.

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