Thursday, June 15

Just your usual rip in the space-time continuum

I finally met J.R. last night. It's so weird and yet cool to meet people you've only known through the wonders of blogs. My only other real-life encounter was with TQ back in the day. (Weird initials coincidence? I think not.) J.R. finally got to witness the wonder that is JenGarrett watching the Sox blow yet another game, complete with "Why does Matt Clement make little girls cry? Why?" and "Goddamn useless fucks! Get on base. GET ON BASE, now, motherfuckers!", followed with the requisite, "I can't watch this anymore, we have to leave." So then we went and played pool, and I promptly sucked harder than Clement. But at least no one pays me a bajillion dollars to hoover up the joint.

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