Thursday, July 6

The more things change

Mountain with a view
As usual, I have acquired an illness whilst on vacation. A mere cold, however, is not enough to keep me from enjoying the beauteousness that is Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. Yesterday, I took the ferry out to Orcas Island and went to the top of Mount Constitution. It was fucking beautiful, though my faithful tour guide was disappointed that we couldn't see anything. He claimed it was "fog," but I know I was walking amongst the clouds.

On the way down, we stopped at a lookout, as the sun had started to burn off some of the clouds. The view was spectacular, and as an added bonus, a deer decided to come down the mountain for a little snack. She was so close to us! The animals are probably extremely used to people, but it didn't stop me from feeling special. And it totally made up for the fact that the ferry back was an hour and a half late. Bygones. Did I mention it was totally gorgeous?

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