Monday, July 10

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

As usual upon a return from vacation, I was greeted with joy from my baby car: a flat tire. Yeah, because being not driven for a week and a half really puts a lot of stress on the wheels. And then, to top that off, they are doing some sort of random construction on my street, so no cars can get through. So no AAA to come in and bail my ass out. So no driving out to get a new tire. No nothing, except walking to the end of the street and begging Leigh for a ride. Luckily, Leigh is good like that and drove me around today, and I finally got AAA to come out at night, when the crews had gone home. Up next: Find random tire place to fix tire/buy a new one. Oh, yeah, and I discovered that the wheel well in my trunk is filled with water. Now I have to get that fucking fixed, too.

So happy to be back. No, really. So. Happy.

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