Tuesday, August 8

All viral and shit

I love it when I get random e-mails from people who think I'm one of "Boston's leading bloggers" (I'm not). Usually, they're asking me to link something on my blog and talk about it, and usually I ignore them unless I find them particularly interesting. That said, I've found the following to be worthy of checking out:

Sweetriot: They make chocolate-covered cacao nibs. Or something like that. They also blog about "rioting" and it cracks me up.

I don't dig American Express, but if you like food and chefs and talking about food and chefs, this seems kind of cool.

I do, however, dig maps in a big way, and this apartment-listing map-making thingy is sweet.

JenGarrett has not been paid for these links. She didn't even accept the offer of free candy from Sweetriot. And that was hard.

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