Thursday, August 3

It's just like the Holy Grail

Finding my Cincinnati Reds Arroyo shirt is becoming something of a neverending quest. Before the game on Tuesday, my dad took me to the Tri-County Mall outside of Cincinnati -- closer to the team, more of a chance to find team memorabilia, right? Right. There was something called the Cincy store! No problem. Well, it was no problem if I wanted a Dunn shirt. Or a Griffey. Or even a fucking Freel, but no Arroyo. We came tantalizingly close at Finish Line, when Dave spotted a Bronson baseball-style tee. I was very excited. I may have squealed. Until I discovered that the smallest size they had was a men's large, which was kind of a long dress on me. Fuck! We moved on to the Northgate Mall. Also no going. Then we had to stop our quest for some sustenance at Zip's. Zip's burgers? Really f-ing good. I highly recommend the next time you're in Cincinnati.

Then it was game time, baby. I found another Arroyo shirt being sold by some guy a block from the stadium. $20. Perfect. Except that the only one he had in my size had shmutz on it. I'm not spending $20 on a shmutzy shirt, dammit. Surely there will be a shirt in the souvenir store at the stadium. Surely. Fuck! Either Arroyo is far too popular for his own good, or Cincinnati is no baseball town. (I did find more than enough Bengal t-shirts to set me up for life.) I guess it's up to the internet now for my Bronson love. Or I'll just have to wait for him to get traded back to the Sox.

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