Thursday, August 24

Lather, rinse, repeat

Okay, so I've been holding out on you. Last week, I got an iPod. A pretty, pretty iPod. I love it to pieces, and now I am obsessed with making new playlists. Also, obsessively adding music to my iTunes because I have 30 GB to fill, people. 30! Bygones. This morning, I created what is possibly my greatest playlist to date: Same Song, Different Day. Oh, it's not merely a collection of covers and originals, people. Oh, no. It also includes songs that are radically different, yet have the same name. Take for instance the powerful one-two punch of Yellow Brick Road by Eminem followed by Yellow Brick Road by Kris Delmhorst. It's killing me! Amie by Damien Rice, followed by Amie by Pure Prairie League. Ghost by the Indigo Girls, followed by Ghost by Howie Day. Genius! Or this three-peat: Gone, Ben Folds; Gone, Sevendust; Gone! the Cure.

Life is sweet, people. Life is sweet.

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