Monday, September 25

Guess who's back?

I hate the red-eye back from Seattle. Sure, I've only taken it twice, but I feel like a seasoned pro. And by "seasoned," I mean "tired and cranky wench who can't help but notice there were a ton of children on the flight once more and my throat feels sore and if I get strep again, I'm suing." I think the jet lag actually came in handy during last night's debacle of a Pats game. Had I been up to full strength, I feel sure that I would have broken some of Leigh's new furniture.

In other news, Seattle kicked ass. Whilst my host had to take meetings with the Man, I got to luxuriate in a day at the spa. The serenity massage was excellent, and at Gene Juarez, they practice "discreet draping." They take their draping extremely seriously, people. It would have been funny if I hadn't been so relaxed. I followed that shit up with the spa manicure and pedicure, which I highly recommend. I fell asleep. Twice. And my nails have never looked so good (which hopefully makes up for the rest of me looking so bad).

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