Tuesday, September 5

Perhaps Kason Gabbard had it in him all along

Or perhaps he just needed the special magic that is Melanie and I at Fenway. Or maybe he was jealous of all my Mike-Lowell love. (Did you see how many double plays Lowell got started just because I asked him to? Well, okay, actually, he had to in order to make up for the fact that the Sox scrounged together three measly hits off Javier Vazquez. Okay, I'll stop bitching since the OtherSox only got four hits, none of which they turned into a run. What was really funny about all the double plays was that I screamed and cheered for them like they were homerun bombs.)

In other words, we won. Papi was back in the lineup, and the crowd loved it. It was probably my last appearance at Fenway for the season, and it was beautiful. I love my boys. No matter what.

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