Friday, October 13

Can I handle the seasons of my life?

It's fall now. I know it's actually been fall for awhile, but I just realized it on my way to work this morning. The trees lining the road are turning, leaves are on the ground, and I'm in my semi-annual funk. No, funk isn't the right word. Slump? Slow-down? I don't know. Working at a college, fall is actually a time for beginnings, but this year, I feel things ending, things changing. I'm getting older, too, and maybe that's not such a bad thing. I ran into an old friend on the T the other night, and we exchanged the usual "what have you been up to?" remarks. She said she actually liked 30; it felt much more comfortable than 29. I agreed with her to some extent, and then I realized 31 was just around the corner, and my comfort zone collapsed. I've been rushing from one thing to the next so much lately, I missed how I got here, why I'm here to begin with.

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