Monday, October 30

Catch my disease

It's getting worse, people. I used to watch only my team. My team not playing? No problem. I'll move on with my life. And yet, somehow, Sunday is no longer complete if I'm not watching football. Why did I watch the dismal Eagles/Jags game? I don't know. And I won't get those three hours back, either. I know why I watched the Broncos/Colts game: to see Peyton Manning lose. Yeah. Thanks a lot, guys. You don't leave him with 1:49 when all he needs is a field goal! You don't do it! Apparently, that wasn't enough football for me, because then I had to watch the Cowboys/Panthers game, and I don't know if it's because Pea likes them or what, but I kind of like Dallas. Not over the Pats, of course, but I didn't hate that they won. And Romo seems sort of ... cute.

At last, my boys are on tonight. Let's kick a little Vikings' ass, okay? Because next week, we need to lay the smack down on Manning & Co. I mean it.

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