Wednesday, October 25

It's not what you know, it's who you know

Computers never cease to amaze me. Whilst a colleague was toiling in Excel today, her monitor decided to change the orientation of her display by 180 degrees -- in other words, her computer world was turned upside down. After rebooting, the monitor remained troubled and the Help Desk said they would have to call her back, so she did all that she could do it that situation: She called us all in to laugh at her computer. Another colleague decided to try her hand at backwards mousing, to much amusement. I decided to call my man on the inside, just to see if this was a common Microsoft problem. His first reaction? Laughter. And he works there. Then he walked us through the way to fix it -- some weird Intel graphic setting that changes "rotation." Whatever. Get a Mac. That's what I say.

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