Sunday, December 10

Don't you see how 31 is just like Tuesday?

I neglected to begin the countdown this year because, let's face it, no one's interested in me turning 31. Zero support for this milestone of suckitude, and yet it is a sucking maw of suck. 31 is so ... thirtysomething. It's horrible. And yet, much like terrible Tuesday, no one acknowledges how much it sucks. Monday, sure, Monday gets all the press, but really, at least everyone else is moving in slow-mo on Mondays, too, and you've got all that "catch-up" crap work to do: cleaning out your inbox, answering your messages, reading the blogs that changed over the weekend. But Tuesdays, whoa, that's where the pain really sets in. That's when you realize you've got the whole week ahead of you and there's nothing in it but work. Just like 31. I've got nine more years in this stupid decade and there's nothing in it but work.

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