Tuesday, December 12

Pretty in pink

Now, I'm no fashion maven, but I'm also no johnny-come-lately sports fan, either. I know my stuff; I follow my team; I love my boys. All this does not mean I can't wear pink, too. First, I am extremely cute in the pink (especially when I rock the pigtails). Second, the pink tee is lucky (just ask Tommy). Third ... okay, I don't have a third. But I know about third-and-long. And rushing defense. And pass protection. And the infield fly rule. And the squeeze play. And why high on-base percentage is where it's at. Now, it's true, we need to draw the line somewhere, and I usually draw it somewhere near the pink hats and jerseys. But, for women, the team apparel usually comes in two variations: men's t-shirts that you buy small or clothing actually made to fit a woman (usually pink). When I go to a game, I always wear the team colors. But sometimes, I like to rock it out in pink. And don't you dare assume that means I know less about the f-ing game. Because I will kick your ass. And then what will you be? Beaten. By a girl. In pink.

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