Tuesday, January 9

If we took a holiday

Okay, so I took more than a few days to celebrate. What of it? Don't I deserve good times and rock and roll? Bygones. I'm back to the usual grind, and I have to say, I didn't miss you, dear internets (at least not much). And I missed no one and felt no pain after the Patriots gave the beat down to the Jets on Sunday. I give the special shout-out to Asante "oh, here, let me take that pass for you, Chad my boy, and run it back for a spirt and soul crushing touchdown" Samuel. Though I also give much love to big man Vince Wilfork for picking up the fumble and hoofing it down the field. And let's not forget Mr. Calm Eyes himself. Oh, my boys. Kick some Chargers ass next week, okay?

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