Friday, January 19

A view askew

I love Kevin Smith and all his movies. Even Jersey Girl. I can't help myself. Mallrats is my favorite, though Chasing Amy is a close second. (I love Jason Lee! And Ben Affleck in Mallrats is hysterical.) I missed Clerks II at the theaters, because I missed almost every movie at the theaters last year. I'm still bitter I didn't see the new Bond on the big screen. (Maybe my new year's resolution should be "go to the movies more"? Perhaps.) Bygones. The point is, I watched Clerks II last night, and I laughed. Many times. Jay and Silent Bob make me laugh without doing anything, and I love when Randall goes off. I have to say, I think I enjoyed it more than the original Clerks, perhaps because there was more of a plot structure. Also, Rosario Dawson? Hot. Who knew?

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