Friday, February 16

And you can tell everybody this is your song

We went to see Music and Lyrics yesterday because, well, let's face it: I'm a sucker for both Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant, so there was pretty much no chance in hell that I was going to miss this one. And, oddly enough, I wasn't disappointed. It was funny. It was cute. It was, at times, both funny and cute without being nauseating. Hugh Grant makes the flimsiest of lines laugh-out-loud funny and Drew is, well, hot.

My favorite part might have been this, though: At the beginning of the movie, they play a "Pop" faux video, and the other lead singer, Colin, looks so familiar. Who is it? He's on TV. Yeah, he is on TV, isn't he? But where? Where? This drives me semi-batty throughout the movie. They play the video again at the end, but with a new pop-up video treatment (which is hysterical, so stay through the credits, people). And that's when it hits me: It's Jason Street! Of course! J.R. gives me the high-five for figuring it out, and we can finally leave the theater.

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