Saturday, February 24

It's not just a job, it's a way of life

Sometimes it's hard to just read a magazine for fun. For instance, tonight I decried the lack of editorial vision in the Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition. Sure, there were hot chicks in all or parts of bikinis. But what's up with the pictures of a bikini top on a rock? Was it an ad? Did they forget the model? Why was there a name at the top of page? Was it the model who was wearing that bikini before she discarded it and went for a swim? The name of the photographer? The name of the rock? Who knows? (Perhaps a better question is: Who cares? As I'm sure everyone else quickly moved on to the hot models in 3-D.)

Then I got my new issue of Wired, and I don't know who the fucking ad wizards were who decided that putting the headline above the masthead was a good idea. And I'm not talking little teaser text, people. It's in big fucking letters and pushes the masthead way down the page. You put the masthead there for a reason, dumbasses! How are you supposed to find Wired on the newsstand if you can't see the masthead? Are they just assuming that everyone is going to be so excited by the headline "Bite-Size Entertainment" that they're going to grab the mag no matter who puts it out? And seriously? You thought that was the great headline to put in big letters above the masthead?

I can't read magazines anymore. From here on out, I'm just watching home-improvement shows on TLC. That's it.

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