Friday, March 2

Adventures in driving

It's only rain, people. It's not even snowing! And yet, there is was: My life flashing before my eyes in Boston traffic, again. (Actually, it was the life of my car, which I just spent a nice chunk of change to fix, yet the car itself has little to no actual value to anyone but me.) Despite the fact that I was clearly proceeding down the street with my lights on, some woman decided that she could go ahead and make a left turn. Into me. Now, I wasn't much on the sciences, but I'm pretty sure there's some basic law about two things in one place. And bitch, it was my turn to be in this place! I slammed on my brakes and my horn simultaneously (it's a perfect Boston reflex) and swerved to the right. I swear she missed my car by an inch. I had that moment -- that perfect, clear moment -- when you just know your car is going to be hit. Luckily, I was wrong. Not as wrong as that crazy woman, but wrong.

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