Tuesday, March 20

So now I turn to you

I've developed a sick iTunes addiction, people. It's unruly. And now someone has given me $20 to burn, and I need new running songs. Sure, I've got my Eminem and NIN and Tool, and anyone else who is really, really pissed off, but I need something fresh. That damn Propel commercial got me to buy the Mary J. Blige song, and now I'm hooked. I need more! And I need your help. I don't listen to popular music -- either it's mellow folk chicks (and I love Patty Griffin but she doesn't exactly get the heart pumping) or it's pissed off white guys (who do get the heart beating, but I've already listened to them a million times). So, what is it? What's your favorite workout song? I'll take all comers. Except SexyBack. I have some standards, people.

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