Monday, March 12

This is life, enjoy the view

Nothing like a side pony
I've been working on a little side project the last few days (not to be confused with the side pony), scanning in old photos, trying to form a vague timeline of my life in pictures. It started because there were a few photos that I wanted to be in my flickr stream, and thusly some re-scanning was required (since my scanning skills have improved since 2003). And it grew from there. I've been thinking a lot lately about where I am at the grand old age of 31 and where I want to be, and looking at where I've been is somehow helpful in all of that.

Plus, how cute was I? And how hideous was high school? See, people. I'm keeping it real for you -- not just my good photos, but my bad ones, as well (though way less of those). It's kind of an introspective retrospective. Or several hours of good, old-fashioned narcissism. One of those two.

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