Thursday, April 5

I'm serious now

Why aren't you watching Friday Night Lights? Don't let this be like Firefly, where everybody's all sorry and shit once it's gone. You've got to watch it now. And NBC makes it easy, because all the episodes are online. And no, you can't have Saracen, because he's mine. As is Coach Taylor. And I'm pretty sure Duff has dibbs on Riggins, too. Don't cry to me now. You're late.

Here are just a few glorious highlights from a recent episode: "The cows are more supportive than you!" "I might not have a Ph.D. in stupid like you do ..." and my personal favorite, "Butch up, Sally, 'cause you got a game." Seriously. Butch up, Sally. I am so saying that at least twice a day from now on.

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