Thursday, April 19

Keep on the sunny side

I hate how simple "I have a cold" sounds. A cold can encompass anything from minor sniffles to the horrible hacking death I am currently afflicted with. And you forget. You always forget how wretched being sick is until you're sick again. "Sick day"? Sounds great. Except for when you're wrapped up in a blanket on your couch with only your dog and reruns of the O.C. to keep you company. Luckily, today I got to watch the Sox day game, so it wasn't a total bust. Of course, my pitiful, weak cries to "hit the ball, dammit!" may not have helped the sickly situation. Luckily, the boys pulled out a win for me. Was it my piteous "but I'm sick" that did it? We'll never know. (That homer totally made up for the spirit-crushing double-play, Manny, and Alex Cora, you are my hero.)

Now please keep up the hitting and winning for this weekend. Thank you.

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