Saturday, April 14

Victory garden

Tip off
I made my first trip to the Garden last night. Sadly, I never saw the original Garden, and also sadly, my first trip was to see a Celtics team vying to win the Oden/Durant lottery, but it was fun nonetheless. They kept the score close, which I'm still not sure if I'm more happy or pissed about. If you're going to lose on purpose, don't fuck with me. Don't give me hope for a win in the last few moments and then not even try to get off a good shot to tie. Bygones. I had fun with my peeps, and random men kept giving me shit for yelling during the game. (They were joking, I discovered, and seemed amused, if not pleased, by my vehemence.) To top it off, at halftime, they honored the '56-57 championship team, and we gave Bill Russell a standing ovation. It's about time to bring home another banner, boys. One way or another.

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