Friday, May 25

I love this city, this state

I wrapped things up at work today, and let me tell you, nearly eight years at a place? You accrue some things -- a body of work, files, friends. My coworkers lined up in the hallway and clapped for me as I left, and I'm not much for crying, but I couldn't help it today. It's so strange to think that I won't be going back there next week, like every other week for last billion years. I know it's good, and it was time for a change, but today it was just sad, like I was leaving a part of myself behind. And now I'm sitting here in the wreck of my apartment, surrounded by boxes and things waiting to be boxed, and I'm going to miss this place, too. And living with Jen and Sammy. And walking down the street to watch TV with Melanie. And seeing my mom and my sister on the weekends. And so many other things. People keep asking me if I'm excited, and I am, but I can't get to that part yet. I'm still stuck on saying goodbye to all the good things I have here: friends, family, the Red Sox, JP. I'm going to miss it all, so much.

J.R. arrives in eight short hours, and then begins new life. But Boston will always be my home.

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