Friday, May 11

Say goodnight, Gracie

It's over, people. I am officially, and without question, old. Last night, I went to Newbury Comics (my favorite music store) and what did I buy? The latest hip new album? Um, no. I purchased season one of Cagney & Lacey and a Frank Sinatra CD.

To top it off, I first went in search of Cagney & Lacey at Best Buy, chock full o' electronic goodness. When I couldn't find it, I asked one of the children who work there if they carried it, and he said, "What? Can you spell that?" Of course, I can, you moron. "C-A-G-N-E-Y ampersand L-A-C-E-Y." Yes, I said "ampersand." Fuckin' punk deserved it. I am officially old and cranky. Now all I need is a house in the 'burbs, two kids, and a couple of dogs to complete the picture. Oh, wait.

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