Thursday, May 10

Spring has sprung

At work, we've got this strange little "Spring into Shape" program that's supposed to help get your exercise program started. For some reason, I thought this year would be a good year to spring (because it's my last chance? because I'm crazy? I don't know). And I'm doing my best, going for walks in addition to my regular exercise, and I have to tell you, I am pissed. Because I am still not hitting 10,000 steps! I went for a 20-minute walk and a 30-minute run yesterday (and I walked to JP Licks for ice cream after dinner), and that wasn't 10,000 steps. 8,847. Not 10,000. Now, sure, I know in my head that I did fine -- better than fine, really -- but I still want that elusive 10,000 mark. I may just march in place until I get that motherfucker.

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