Sunday, May 20

You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'

The countdown has begun to the beginning of the end or the end of the beginning or some fucked-up thing. I'm leaving in like a week, people. I am surrounded by boxes and empty bottles of tequila. (Actually, I left the empties with Katie and Jamie. You know, since they hosted the grand farewell party.) Katie gave me a runner's ID tag for my shoe, which may come in handy whether or not I'm unconscious. I'm very likely to forget not only my new address, but my new phone number, as well. I can't believe it, but soon I will be running regularly in another state. It will be almost as cool as when I ran out of Boston. Now if I ran from Seattle to JP, that would be truly kickass. Yeah. Not gonna happen, people.

T-minus 8 days. Are you ready, boots? Start walking.

*Title thanks to Nancy Sinatra, and Liz for giving me a reason to listen to music for hours whilst driving. Also props to the boys in red. Just 'cuz.

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