Thursday, June 21

Pluto has risen, and other stories from the frontline

I've been spending my days building furniture -- desks, bookshelves, media centers, you name it, I've hit Ikea or Target for it. When I'm not building stuff to hold my stuff, I'm rearranging stuff to make my stuff fit. I really didn't think I brought that much with me, but apparently, I am capable of packing huge quantities of crap into a reasonable amount of boxes. Once the boxes are open, the stuff explodes, and suddenly, J.R.'s ginormous house seems small. I can't believe I'm still unpacking, and I fear I will never be done. But maybe it's not because I have so much stuff -- maybe it's because I have to take frequent Jello breaks. I thought I hated Jello, but when your throat is sore for 800 days in a row, it is the greatest food ever.

Aside from the Jello and the furniture, the most notable occasion in my life was a chorus recital which featured fifth and sixth graders singing "Louie, Louie." You have no idea how wrong that was, people. No idea.

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