Tuesday, August 7

In training

As Jen would say, I am in serious training for the buffet team. Having dinner with my former roomie whilst I was in Boston was fabulous for two reasons: 1. I love Jen, and the worst part of Seattle is that she doesn't live there. 2. We had dinner at this little place in Roslindale called Geoffrey's, and while I wouldn't recommend my entree (7 vegetables with couscous and no flavor), the gazpacho was top notch and the dessert (chocolate chip bread pudding) was fucking amazing. Whoever came up with this recipe needs to be sainted. It was so good angels wept -- well, mostly just Jen and I, but whatever. You know what I mean. If you're lucky enough to be in the area, may I suggest you go. Soon.

(And yeah, I know that happened on Friday, and currently I'm in Ohio and I'm just now telling you, but I'm kind of busy with the whole family thing. I'll get to it.)

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