Thursday, August 16

Rockin' the suburbs

Living in the 'burbs has taken some adjustment -- the mall is just around the corner, there is no T, we have a lawn. But the thing I didn't really think about is going for runs -- I mean, I can run anywhere, right? Well, I've been spoiled by JP living -- the Arboretum, the pond, the corridor park, Franklin park, you name it. Here I can run ... around the block. Which I swear to god is uphill both ways. I miss being able to roll out of my house and hit the road, because let me tell you, the loop around my neighborhood got old the second time around. I have finally accepted the idea that I am going to have to drive to go for a run (which just seems wrong somehow). There's a nice trail not too far away, and I'm researching other places to feel more ... runnerly. Perhaps I'll even find a path I like right here in my 'hood -- which, finally, feels like home.

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