Sunday, September 30

Feast or famine

J.R. and I decided to go to the movies yesterday, and we'd narrowed our selections down to the Kingdom or Feast of Love. We figured the Kingdom might be a little too heavy, so we went for Feast instead -- because, hey, love! Love is good. And there could be humor. We like humor. But no. That was not meant to be. First, because the movie wasn't that good. Morgan Freeman can save just about anything, and he's all that made that movie palatable. Second, there was the cancer again! I'm sick of being duped by fucking previews that just show some cute meet, some minor break-up pain, a pratfall, and then once they've sucked you in -- bam! Cancer. Or something else hideous. I can't take it anymore. I'm done. I'm just going to watch HGTV from now on.

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