Sunday, September 2

It's always something

We're back from Portland, and while I have many photos to share, it's far fewer than I would have liked. I remembered the sunblock, and a sweatshirt, and my phone charger, and my iPod in case I wanted to work out, and a book to read and a magazine in case I didn't want to commit, and the Portland guide book, and my Sox hat to keep off the sun, and extra ibuprofen for a weekend with the kids. But not my camera-battery charger. No. So when it started flashing red at me the first day, I was pretty worried. There was a lot of judicious (for me) photo taking and turning the camera off immediately. But to no avail. I only made it a quarter of the way through the Japanese Garden before it refused to take another photo. This was the last one of the trip. I suppose y'all could be grateful that it gave out before the Rose Garden -- I'm pretty sure 801 rose photos would have been taken. But it's okay -- I just made J.R. take them.

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