Tuesday, September 25

Season opener

New TV is officially here. Sure, last week I tuned in for the first episode of ANTM, but that's a classic. I can't get enough of the supermodel life, people. Bygones. Last night, I watched NBC's new lineup, clearly built around the Heroes demographic. Witness Chuck, a spy show built around a computer geek. I enjoyed it, though there were a few big pills to swallow (he downloaded an e-mail and now it's all in his brain!). J.R. was not as enthusiastic as me, but I found he was tougher on the shows as we proceeded through Chuck on to the new Heroes (not the best opening episode ever). And then it was on to Journeyman, which J.R. did not like, and which I kind of did. We were both suckers for Quantum Leap, so clearly NBC knows its geek demographic well, and lured us with the time-traveling thing. For a first show, it was a bit jumpy, and I think it gave away a bit too much too early. (Dead lover? Not dead. Hello? At least drag that shit out until week two.) But on the whole, I'm willing to watch again next week. Is it because the lead reminds me of Daniel Craig? Or is it because I'm too lazy to turn the channel? You decide.

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