Thursday, September 27

We salute you, Mr. DVR-maker

Oh, the DVR, how it changes things. Wednesday night television? Suddenly, packed full of yummy TV goodness. Sure, ANTM has been around for awhile, but last night introduced Private Practice, Bionic Woman, Dirty Sexy Money, and Life. Luckily, Private Practice sucked, so I can go straight from ANTM to Bionic Woman, which features not one, but two hot chicks kicking ass. (Starbuck! And a brief cameo by Chief. Awesome.) The 10 o'clock time slot is proving a bit more difficult. Dirty Sexy Money? Stellar cast. Peter Krause alone is worth watching anything for. (How many years did I suffer through the tortured Six Feet Under based on the love he earned with Sports Night?) However, some of the Darlings are a little over the top, so Life may win me over. I dig the quirky cop show, I really do. Also, I love Sarah Shai and Adam Arkin. (Also Calamity Jane from Deadwood!) We'll have to wait and see how these two develop.

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