Thursday, October 25

It's Mr. Beckett, if you're nasty

Goddamn, Joshua! Yet another dominant performance. I'm unwilling to say anything about the Rockies, because I have no idea how they play when they're not facing a pitcher who is so locked in it's scary. (I mean, Josh is frightening me right now. I don't know how those guys even manage to swing. Do you think their manager just wants to concede every Beckett start? You know, just to save the team the humiliation and the relief pitchers? Bygones.) What was also amazing during the game was how the fucking Fox announcers tried at every turn to jinx the Sox. Do they get some kind of kick-back on that? And how did they manage to bring up fucking Jeter in a game in which the Yankees are not playing? Ugh. Tomorrow I'm watching the game on mute.

(And I know it seems like I'm only blogging about the Sox right now, but check it: Sometimes I blog about the Pats, too.)

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