Wednesday, October 17

The time has come

I fear it is finally time to get a new cell phone. Two things lead me to this conclusion: 1. When I picked up my phone this morning, the on/off button spontaneously fell off. I wasn't near the thing, I swear. 2. When I googled "old Nokia phone," I couldn't find my phone. (Oddly enough, I'm not the only one looking for old Nokia phones.)

I knew this day was going to come eventually. I mean, Cingular/AT&T has been bugging me for years to get a shiny new phone (and a shiny new contract). Yeah, it's been over four years since I got this phone, but it still works great! I drop it in the toilet, no problem. I drop it anywhere, no problem. I fear that I will not get the same service out of a new phone. No matter how shiny.

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