Tuesday, December 4

O Tannenbaum

We put up our tree this weekend. It's my very first real tree. Well, I mean besides the ones at my mom's or the little fake one Jen and I would put up. It's all pine-smelling goodness and ornaments I picked out and ones the kids made and lights that refuse to light and everything you'd want from a Christmas tree. Even an angel that we had to hunt all over for (it's like people don't use tree toppers anymore, unless they're ugly light-up stars from Fred Meyer). It was a little strange to be trimming the tree without my sisters or my mom, but I channeled my older sister and rearranged the ornaments once the kids weren't looking. So it was just like she was there.

And the very first gift under the tree? 12-0, courtesy of the Baltimore Ravens. That was far too close, boys. You better get your shit together for the Steelers.

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