Tuesday, January 22


I've been watching the Complete Jane Austen on Masterpiece (yeah, they dropped "Theatre" like a rapper bustin' it down to a single name), and I have to admit, I'm enjoying it immensely. Persuasion was lovely, though the actress who played Anne had a strange look about her. Luckily, the captain was hot enough to make up for it. I'd seen the previous version, so I was up on the details of the story. Northanger Abbey, however, I'd never seen nor read, so I was really excited to see it. Apparently, it was Austen's first completed book and not published in her lifetime; by the movie, I can see why, though it was still a delightful trifle. (I watch all this British crap, and this is what happens to me: I say "trifle." Bygones.)

I'm looking forward to a new Emma, as I can't stand the Gwennie version. Smartly, they're not tackling a new version of Pride and Prejudice (since you can't really beat Colin Firth). I'm not sure how I feel about new versions of Sense and Sensibility (why try to top Emma Thompson?) and Mansfield Park, but I'll watch them anyway, just to be complete.

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