Saturday, January 19

Just the one dress, actually

Jen and I went to see 27 Dresses today, and whilst it was not great cinema, it was fun. Katherine Heigl is likable, and for the first time, so was James Marsden. It's pretty predictable fare, but I expected that going in, and I got a few laughs and a few sweet bits out of it, so I'm happy. I was bothered by where I'd seen the actress who plays Tess before. Turns out, no where in particular. She's had a few small parts in TV shows I've seen, but nothing significant. I may be thinking of someone she looks like, but maybe not. Maybe it was her memorable turn as the "coed in Caleb's apartment" in Skulls that imprinted her on my brain, but I doubt it.

As for my own dress, I didn't think it was so bad.

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