Sunday, January 6

Section B, row 4

With J.R. sick the last few days, I've been watching a lot of TV (the aforementioned West Wing marathon occurred), but today was special. BC was going to be on. There is one thing I'll get up early for, and I think we all know that is sports. (Or McDonald's breakfast. One of those two.) One of the things I've missed the most since the move is my girls. I loved going to games with Pam and the rest of the crew around us. I loved screaming at the refs, cheering on the baskets, and demanding the rebounds. I loved being the crazy girl across from the bench. I tried to get to a game when I was home for the holidays, but family won out. That's why I was particularly excited to see that today's game was being televised. BC versus NC State. Good times, especially since we were coming off a big win against Virginia Tech, and I had yet to see our star freshmen play.

The game didn't disappoint, and the Eagles squeaked out a tough win, 60-59. And while I wasn't the crazy girl in row 4, I was the crazy girl on the couch, screaming at the refs and cheering on my girls. And texting Pam at the game.

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