Monday, March 10

Better late than never

I was supposed to write up our adventures in northern (northwestern?) Washington yesterday, but being a typical Sunday, things got left behind. (But not the laundry! Or the trip to Target. Or the children, which is good.) Saturday we had planned a day trip to Leavenworth, but snow was predicted and we didn't want to get caught on the wrong side of the mountain pass. So, after a little bit of googling, we decided to visit the many museums of Bellingham. First up was the Whatcom Museum of History and Art, which was a cool place. Old building, lots of cool little details. Sadly, due to inadequate googling, we didn't know that there was going to be interpretive dance on anxiety. You can imagine the kind of anxiety that inspired in J.R. and I (we didn't want to tell the children), so we got out of there in the nick of time. (But only after I took a picture of the doorknob in the bathroom. The chick waiting could hold it.) We wandered around Bellingham a bit, which is a cute little town and home to the yummy La Fiamma Pizza.

Our bellies full, we headed off to see the Heritage Flight Museum, which is harder to find than you'd think. Actually, we never found it, though we did take a nice trip all around the Bellingham International Airport. Finally, we called the place, which is when we discovered that it's only open once a month. Yeah, information that would have been good to have before. Bygones. Spontaneity is key on trips like these, which is why I encouraged taking the aforementioned scenic route, which was so worth it. Larrabee State Park was lovely, and the road only made me nervous a few times. And by the time we got home, the kids were exhausted, we were exhausted, and take-out Chinese was in order. Good times.

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