Sunday, March 2


I really liked Definitely, Maybe. Sure, it's been out a while, and, as usual, I'm late to the party, but it was such a sweet, funny movie. And the huge head of Ryan Reynolds didn't bother me that much, and Abigail Breslin wasn't annoying (or even in it that much, which was a plus for me). It's definitely a different spin on your usual romantic comedy fare, and Billy's discussion of the movie and its maker helped convince me to give it a try. (Plus, J.R. wanted to see it and we haven't seen a movie together in a while, and if we played any more pool we might have killed each other because the worse I play, the crankier I get, and the more J.R. tries to help and be patient, and I think we all know how that ends. Bygones. The movie was good. Focus here, people.) Rachel Weisz didn't irritate me that much, either. (And she usually does. Is it something about her mouth? I don't know. Now that you mention it, a lot of actors do irritate me. How is that my problem?) So, in conclusion, normally irritating people weren't, Kevin Kline was excellent, and I got to enjoy a movie this year that didn't involve a hired assassin. The end.

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