Friday, April 18


I made quick work of Sabine Durrant's The Great Indoors -- not surprising since it was, at heart, chick lit. I have to say it was exactly the kind of thing I was looking for in between the powerful Nobody's Fool and the scary Heart-Shaped Box. Nobody's Fool was only my second Russo book, but I loved Empire Falls, and I loved the movie, so it was a close to a lock as you can get. What was surprising to me was how close I felt to the characters, how alive and real they seemed. I was sad to see them go when the book ended -- again, maybe it was because I had seen Paul Newman in the movie, and it's impossible not the love that man. Going from that kind of character-driven novel to the chill-inducing Joe Hill has been a rough transition. I'm sorry to say it, Joe, but you are obviously your father's son, because you both have the incredible talent to freak me right the fuck out. And yet, I keep coming back for more. Bygones. The Great Indoors was a nice read, despite having to tell the heroine what to do (so obvious) at several points in the novel.

Now that I'm almost half done with all the books I got last time I was at Powell's, I think it's time for another visit. Don't you?

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