Tuesday, April 15

There are nine innings for a reason

As I was watching the Sox game last night, I realized I was out of shape. Sure, I can run three miles, but making it through an entire nine innings was difficult. I've been watching so much basketball (tournament, baby) that I'd forgotten about the pacing of baseball. Sure, Lester wasn't helping much, what with all the pitches and the lack of control, but bygones. He was doing the best he could. And no, the hitters weren't exactly out there doing the hitting, either, what with the leaving men on base and allowing Westbrook to settle down after the first inning.

Well, two good things came out of it anyway: The Sox got the win (nothing like a comeback in the ninth!), and I learned from the always astute ESPN commentators that Kevin Youkilis is, indeed, a baseball player.

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