Wednesday, May 21


I'm being a little more fast and loose with the cash these days -- there's just something about the promise of a steady income. Some purchases have been necessary -- somehow, showing up in my ratty jeans and the same grey sweatshirt everyday just didn't seem like a good career move, so I had to buy work clothes. And then shoes to go with them. And now I'm seriously considering a new bag, too. But other items -- the difficult to find, yet highly Duff-touted Bon Iver CD, the 10 trillion songs I just downloaded from iTunes because the music was the best part of the House finale -- these are, perhaps, not strictly necessary. And yet, I'm worth it. I'm sure once I'm used to this whole "paycheck" notion again, I'll start being all frugal and shit, making up budgets and shopping for things on sale. For now, I am livin' large.

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