Saturday, June 28

And you've got a local chapter of the D.A.R.

I know not everyone can be from New England, but I thought everyone knew what the D.A.R. was. But, apparently, no -- despite the fact that it's immortalized in a Dar Williams song. And it's hard to get sympathy from people about having said song stuck in your head every time you have to explain that you're going to a wedding at the D.A.R. tomorrow. (Yes! Seattle has one. I know. There was no revolutionizing here on the West Coast back in the day, but apparently, the daughters are allowed to move. Bygones.)

Tonight, we had a delightful barbeque on the beach in celebration (anticipation?) of tomorrow's nuptials. And have I mentioned that this will the be the third wedding in a row? But also the last until October? And I'm tired? I have? Okay.

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