Wednesday, June 4


What I hate the most about living 3,000 miles away from family, friends, and all things Red Sox, is the visiting. Not that I don't love being here -- I do. But every visit is a test of my scheduling skills. How best can I maximize the three hours I have free between lunch with my sister and dinner with Leigh and Rache? If I drive my sister to work in the morning, and I then have her car, can I somehow arrange time with someone I haven't seen in three months? And then I finally get to lunch/dinner/drinks with said friends, and I have to "catch up." I hate catching up; I love hanging out. I should know things as they happen! I can't fit three months of fun into three hours of dinner! Don't let the internet and free long distance fool you, my friends. Three thousand miles is exactly that. Also, it sucks because I miss J.R. at the same time. Thus brings us to the end of my mini-pity party. Tomorrow, I will bitch again about wearing all white.

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