Tuesday, June 10

I know just how you feel

I can't look
I'm more than a little tired from my trip, mainly because the end of it (the flying part) was so fucking annoying and draining. I don't like to fly to begin with, but the Boston TSA folks have to be the crankiest mofos in a nothing-but-cranky business. I know the rules; I follow them. I am well prepared with my little baggie of 3 oz. or less liquids, shoes off, computer out, etc. Does it really matter if my baggie is in a full-size bin or the little one (which was only available next to you, Mr. TSA Crankypants)? Then, once I get on the f-ing plane, Mr. I Want to Talk to My Friend in the Back sticks his ass in my face, pushes on the back of my seat, and otherwise fucks with my shit like I'm not sitting right there. I throw an elbow, I tilt my chair back, I sigh disgustedly. Nothing works on Mr. Oblivious. Add in a lot of turbulence on the landing, and there you have the perfect eight-hour flying experience. Well, I did finish The Double Bind in one sitting, so at least I accomplished something.

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