Friday, July 4

Hometown fan

J.R. and I went to see the Storm game last night, and we're going to another tomorrow. I have to say, for the first time since the WNBA started, I'm really a fan of one particular team. I've always had favorite players, but because I never had a team particularly close to me (Connecticut was a two-hour drive), I was never able to truly follow one team. Don't get me wrong -- I loved the league, and I followed the games that were on TV and I kept track of my girls -- but I was never invested. Now, I'm in. (It doesn't hurt that the Storm are a) winning and b) have Swoopes and Yo, two of my favorite All-Stars.)

And after the city got royally fucked by the Sonics this week, I'm especially proud to watch the Storm. Season tickets may be in order.

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